Saturday, August 22, 2009

BruTile Silverlight

I added a POC of BruTile in Silverlight, and now I need a site to host the demo in, and why not do it right here:

Update: I added animated zoom.

Update2: The hosting site, has ended its services. We have looked at Azure for an alternative, but unfortunately they offer only paid hosting. Our most recent demo is hosted at google app engine instead.


Erik Vullings said...

Nice - but did you note the flicker when you zoom all the way in and the pictures disappear?

Paul den Dulk said...

The more recent version has limits on the min and max zoom, like most map controls have.

Usama Wahab Khan said...

hi my self usama wahab khan i am using Brutile can you help to create my own wms or tms services to brutile
i am new to gis

Paul den Dulk said...

Hi Usame,

please post your question in the codeplex forum.

There are many ways to setup gis services. For TMS please look at or